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"We've long been a fan of Madonia's bakery up in the Bronx, and sought their cannoli's for our wedding.  And oh man did we get more than we bargained for in the best possible way!  The 'Cannoli Boys', as our guests have referred to them over the past year, were such an incredible addition to our wedding.  It is the thing our guests still talk about a year later, and one of Sarah and my fondest memories from a fantastic day.  I am telling you - skip the wedding cake and the mediocre desserts your venue offers and GET THESE GUYS TO COME, or add them on top.  Daniel and his husband were also a fantastic contribution to the party - dancing along to the music while piping the cannoli's and giving guests shots of cannoli cream as our guests got a little... loose. In addition to the cannoli's, we ordered many large plates of Italian cookies that our guests could not get enough of!  In five years this will be a service that every couple is fighting to get, so get yourself in on the ground floor."  


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